The Scarlet Crane – Novels by J. E. Hopkins

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About the Book
Dr. John Benoit is ordered to take any action necessary to protect the U.S. from magical threats. John and Stony Hill, his pierced and scarlet-haired young partner, race to solve the bloody mystery, following the trail to Bangkok, Zurich, Shenyang, and ultimately to a confrontation on the snow-swept plains of North Korea.
“The Scarlet Crane is a thriller in every sense of the word, but it’s also so much more. J. E. Hopkins tells a great story, delves into the humanity of strong and believable characters, and builds a world where transition, a brief and deadly time in every pubescent child’s life when magic is possible, threatens not only to kill the young, but to overturn the world order itself. This is a terrific book and J. E. Hopkins is an exciting new writer.”
—Shelley Singer, author of “Blackjack” and the Jake Samson mystery series.