The Saffron Falcon – Novels by J. E. Hopkins

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About the Book
Department of Transition Security agent John Benoit is ordered to do whatever it takes to stop the ISI from using unrestrained magic and to destroy all traces of the secret hidden in the artifact. He and his partner, Stony Hill–a fierce, pierced, purple-haired agent half his age–plunge into the case. Their mission is personal; a friend and leader was killed in the bomb blast.
John and Stony’s investigation leads them from the shattered quiet of Georgetown streets to the rugged foothills of the Himalayas, where evil and magic collide and a young boy holds the key to the future of civilization.
“The Saffron Falcon by J. E. Hopkins is one of those books that I might have passed up but I am glad this book was sent to me because I am truly a believer in Fantasy Fiction now. It is the perfect mix of suspense, real-world character development and humor.“
–Rebecca Fortelka, Oakland Examiner,