About The Author – Novels by J. E. Hopkins

Jim Hopkins is the author of the Transition Magic fantasy thriller series.
Born on the leading edge of the baby boom, he entered and won an elementary school contest with an article on Wilkie Collin’s The Moonstone. The article was published in the local county newspaper and was his last publication for more than fifty years, until The Scarlet Crane in 2012.
Which is not to say that the intervening years were a complete waste–his career taught him toilet paper design, software development, educational technologies for assessing student learning, and bumblebee energetics.
In June, 2015, Jim signed with the Realmwalker Publishing Group to reissue the first three books of the Transition Magic series and to exclusively handle the launch and publication of the fourth book, The Emerald Sunbird.
A life-long voracious reader, his writing influences include Isaac Asimov, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child. And John Connolly, Greg Bear, and Rosa Montero. And…
Some might say that he’s easily influenced.